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Purchase jewelry stocks in China Yiwu market
Source:Yiwu Jewelry Agent    Author:OKEYWELL   Date:7-11-2012

Yiwu’s accessories stocks selling devided into domestic and foreign markets.
Domestic market mainly for wholesale, in general no order, but cash sale. The style is small and delicate, mostly with crystal or zircon.
Foreign market mainly for order, generally speaking, there is only one sample in the booth, just show to customers, not retail. But usually there are many stock put out of the door, minimum purchase quantity is one dozen. The price of some stock is cheaper than make order, sometimes you can even get the extra discount if your quantity is big enough.
Please pay attention that the source of export selling stock from many different ways:
A: Extra quantity from other customers’ order, some items have customer’s card on it, the quality is OK.
B: Order style selling due to the cancel caused by customer, those items usually with customer’s cards, and big quantity.
C:  Refused items from customer due to the quality problem, price is very cheap. If you check carefully you will find out the problems such as plating fade, diamond fall off etc.
In general, stock purchasing in the market is cash dealing, customer select the items they like and take away directly after pay them. If the payment is not enough for the big quantity, you can pay some deposit and ask the supplier to send goods to the warehouse and pay the balance later.
YIWU JEWELRY AGENT can re-packing  for your stock, and make new item number for you. Usually there will be some problems when change packing:
1. Shortages. Some styles are not enough for 12pcs in one dozen.
2. Damage. OKEYWELL CO.,LTD. will find that some items are broken when we change the packing.
3. The charge of replace packing will be a little more expensive than the first time packing, and takes longer time.
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