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Jewelry difference of factory and market

Source:Yiwu Jewelry Agent    Author:OKEYWELL    Date:7-11-2012

The jewelry market in Yiwu divide into A, B, C, D, E areas,  A area and B area mostly sell hair ornament, area C,D,E mainly for necklace, earring, bracelet, finger ring, brooch and so on. On the third floor of E area have many different kinds of jewelry accessories supplied. Most of booths have their own factories, but commonly only the big factory have showroom. Most of the jewelry factories in Yiwu are small size manufacturers with about 100 employees. Big factories generally have 1000 to 3000 staffs. Factories distributed in the countryside around the downtown, some factories even not in Yiwu city. Contrast with the booth in the market, factory have more kinds of samples, and are more convenient to order. The price is almost the same with the booth..
If your quantity is not very big, OKEYWELL CO.,LTD. advise you to purchase in the market, because the booth in the market is concentrated, and with various design and complete kinds. You can purchase your favorite products quickly and efficiently, and the price is cheaper than the big factories.
If you have targeted the bulk purchase of jewelry, and are strict with the quality, OKEYWELL CO.,LTD. will recommend some factories to you. OKEYWELL CO.,LTD.advise you to order in the factory, because the styles in the factory is more complete and can revise the model as your require.
You can contact with OKEYWELL CO.,LTD.if you are not convenient to come to Yiwu, OKEYWELL CO.,LTD. will send photos and quotation to you as your request. You only need to confirm the style, price, and the quantity. It can save your time and effort, and help you purchase efficiently in Yiwu, China.

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