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 is an intergrated jewelry company serving major jewelry retailers and wholesalers around the world.
Okeywell Company started from 2005,located in Yiwu where is the biggest city for small commodities in the world.

We engage in export business for costume jewelry,gifts, promotional items and so on. Our  main product is handmade jewelry and alloy die casting jewelry, mainly exported to European market.
We deliver on our values to make your business easier, the key is more than 8years purchase jewelry experience, and OKEYWELL  has well established relationships with qualified manufacturers of various goods for prompt and efficient sourcing of products. Our friendly and professional staff work closely with local manufacturers to ensure faithful compliance of the requirements of our customers order. OKEYWELL  is  also able to provide products from multiple origins to allow our customer's the freedom to choose the best to meet their specific needs.
We know all about the styles ,quality and minimum order for each manufacturer,clear about the step of production processes, can help customer communicate with the manufacturers fast and effectively to avoid the unnecessary loss between customer and manufacturers, ensure the order delivery on time and qualified delivered to customer, make your work more efficient and easily.

We have own designers and workshop,and our  jewelry brand is:              

Our workshop provide help for clients in the design of costume jewellery,promotional items and special packaging.

We can adjust the quality standard and package according to customers’ requirement or target price, we can provide samples first.
OKEYWELL CO.,LTD. offer one-stop solution service, make your buying from China much easier & safer! You can trust OKEYWELL as your partner!

Company address:

4-5F,100-2,Yongsheng ,Yiwu City , Zhejiang Province,China.  322000


E-mail: okeywell@126.com

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